Gongyi Pengxing water purification materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of activated carbon, with more than 20 years of production history, advanced production technology and perfect detection means, strong technical force and scientific management. Our main products are Pengxing Activated carbon : activated carbon filter media, columnar activated carbon Coconut shell activated carbon Fruit shell Activated carbon , gold only Activated carbon , powdery Activated carbon And quartz sand, anthracite and other filter materials!  

corporate culture
Enterprise development strategy:
Guided by corporate culture and supported by talent strategy, we are committed to product innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation, and occupy the market through differentiation strategy to create a century of Pengxing.
Enterprise tenet:
Seeking truth, innovating and serving the society
It is the spirit of constant innovation, innovation and service for the people and the society.
Pengxing spirit:
Cooperation, unity, pragmatism and hard work; heart Pengxing, surpassing self.
sense of worth:
Responsible --- responsible for society, users, enterprises and themselves.
Pengxing people are familiar with:
Treat the society with a high sense of responsibility, so that the society will not abandon you. Only by building a responsible staff team with a responsible spirit and providing better products and services, will the market accept you. Pengxing human responsibility system will continue to achieve one goal, step by step to achieve a stronger, bigger ideal and pursuit. This spirit of responsibility has materialized in Pengxing's products, deeply integrated into Pengxing people's blood, attached to the enterprise's brand, it has become our common values.