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Activated carbon for waste incineration in Zhoushan

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Zhoushan waste incineration activated carbon is powder like and tasteless in appearance; anthracite is used as raw material and activated by high temperature steam to form developed internal pores with large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. Adsorption of dioxin, benzene and other complex gases produced in the process of waste incineration to achieve the purpose of purification, no secondary pollution, low operating cost and good treatment effect. It is suitable for the purification of combustion gas in municipal waste incineration plant and the purification of sulfide in the tail gas of crematorium.



The adsorption of powdered activated carbon is the key to the terminal treatment of hazardous waste incineration. Due to the influence of raw materials and preparation process, activated carbon has a wide variety of products, and its adsorption performance for harmful gases is quite different and unstable, which brings great confusion to the application practice of waste incineration enterprises. Therefore, according to the characteristics of activated carbon, combined with the technical requirements for adsorption channels of macromolecular size, the composite nano materials were modified and enhanced by physical methods and other technological means, and the products with excellent adsorption function and effect for incineration flue gas were prepared.

At present, the commonly used measures to reduce the emission of harmful substances in waste incineration power plants are activated carbon adsorption, bag dust removal and semi dry scrubbing tower. In this method, the harmful gases in flue gas are absorbed by spraying porous activated carbon, and then collected by bag filter. Although much of the gas in the microporous material can be adsorbed out of the micropores by conventional process, the harmful gas can be released from the activated carbon through the high pressure adsorption process However, activated carbon can not carry out pore adsorption, nor can it lock harmful macromolecules in its own channels. For microporous activated carbon, its adsorption performance will be significantly weakened when the flue gas temperature exceeds 100 ℃. At the same time, most of activated carbon is processed from natural wood and other products, its cost is high, and it has a certain damage to the ecological environment.

The activated carbon produced by our company can not only effectively remove harmful substances in incineration flue gas, but also be beneficial to environmental protection. It will have better application advantages and prospects in controlling harmful flue gas from waste incineration.


Our powdered activated carbon for waste gas treatment has stable performance, non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and organic solvents, and does not react with other chemical substances. The product is non combustible and non explosive, and can withstand high temperature above 1000 ℃. Through the professional technical index test, the product pore volume, pore size and conducive to the absorption of organic macromolecules. Our company adopts the mode of factory direct selling, with large quantity and excellent quality, which is your ideal choice.

Five advantages of activated carbon of our company:
Professional, efficient and high quality service
Technical personnel, professional service process
Professional "Application Technology Department", to provide efficient pre-sale and after-sales service.
Customized product scheme, saving cost.
High market share, sufficient spare parts, can deal with emergency orders.


Service process

1. Clear selection requirements (first determine the product specifications and quantity required by your own unit)

2. Select the corresponding products (select the products suitable for your company according to the use needs)

3. Consultation on product quality (to determine product quality and the requirements that the product can meet)

4. Sign business contract (sign business contract as required)

5. Ensure after-sales service (from delivery to on-site use - follow up on follow-up issues)

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