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Zhoushan gold activated carbon

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Coconut shell gold activated carbon is made of high-quality coconut shell as raw material, after steam activation, refined treatment and screening. The appearance is black particles with developed pore structure, high adsorption capacity, high strength, stable chemical properties and durability. It is mainly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, food and drinking water, purified water, beverage, industrial water and extraction of precious metals. It has the functions of decolorization, deodorization, adsorption and turbidity removal. It has better matching effect with zeolite and molecular sieve.

The main components of coconut shell gold activated carbon are carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Activated carbon is a kind of porous carbon because of its irregular arrangement in structure and fine pores between cross connections, which will produce carbon tissue defects during activation. The coconut shell gold charcoal produced by our company is refined by physical method and high temperature steam activation process with high-quality coconut shell as raw material. Gold is made of activated carbon with uniform particle size, high mechanical strength and strong adsorption capacity. It is made by special processes such as water grinding. It has good wear resistance and high adsorption performance. It is suitable for modern gold mining production. It is mainly used for the separation and extraction of precious metals in gold smelting industry by heap leaching or carbon slurry method. Gold extraction activated carbon is refined by a series of production processes. It has the advantages of developed pore structure, huge specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high wear resistance and pressure resistance, low bed resistance, easy regeneration and economic durability. It can be operated continuously in the tower.


Technical index of coconut shell gold activated carbon

Analysis project test data Analysis project test data
Particle size 0.4-3mm True gravity 2-2.2g/cm3
strength ≥80-95% Iodine value 1000-1100mg/g
Bulk specific gravity 0.45-0.55g/cm3 Phenol adsorption rate ≥450mg/g
Specific surface area 600-1500m2/g Methylene blue value 100-150mg/cm3
PH value 8-10 water content ≤3%



Catalytic carrier coconut shell activated carbon gold extraction coconut shell activated carbon formaldehyde removal flavor coconut shell activated carbon advantages: 1  

Coconut shell activated carbon is a kind of activated carbon made from coconut shell by high temperature activation, carbonization treatment and loading photocatalyst and carbon fiber at the same time. Its adsorption capacity of organic gas is 5 times or more higher than ordinary activated carbon, and the adsorption rate is faster

Coconut shell activated carbon has developed specific surface area and rich microporous diameter. The specific surface area is 1000-1600m2 / g, the micropore volume is about 90%, and the pore size is 10a-40a. It has the advantages of large specific surface area, moderate pore size, uniform distribution, fast adsorption speed and less impurities


Coconut shell activated carbon Application of

1. Coconut shell granular activated carbon is often used in gas-phase adsorption, which is usually carried out by air flow through the activated carbon layer. According to the different status of activated carbon layer in the adsorption device, the adsorption layer includes fixed layer, mobile layer and flow layer.

2. The air in instrument room, air conditioning room, basement and submarine facilities often contains body odor, smoking odor, cooking odor, oil, organic and inorganic sulfide, corrosive components, etc., which may cause corrosion of precision instruments or affect human health. Activated carbon can be used for purification to remove impurities.

It can also be used in the organic solvent, active carbon and other solvents discharged from the chemical plant.

4. There are many cases of coconut shell activated carbon used for refining gas, such as gas masks, cigarette filters, refrigerator deodorants, automobile exhaust treatment devices, etc., which use the adsorption properties of activated carbon to remove toxic components, harmful components or odorous components in the gas.

5. Sweetening activated carbon: used as the carrier of gasoline sweetening (deodorization) catalyst in catalytic unit of oil refinery.

6. Vinylon catalyst activated carbon: used as catalyst carrier in chemical industry, such as vinyl acetate catalyst carrier.

7. Monosodium glutamate refining activated carbon: it is used for decolorization and refining of mother liquor in the production process of monosodium glutamate, and can also be used for the decolorization and refining of fine chemical products.

8. Special activated carbon for cigarette filter tip: used in cigarette filter tip of cigarette industry to remove tar and other toxic and harmful substances in cigarette.

9. Special activated carbon for citric acid: used for decolorizing, refining and deodorizing citric acid and other acids.

10. Special activated carbon for direct drinking water treatment: activated carbon is used for deep water purification of household direct drinking water, water treatment of waterworks and barreled water production.


Packaging and storage:

25kg / bag (woven bag, lined with polyethylene plastic film).

Pay attention to moisture-proof, sunscreen and


Service process

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3. Consultation on product quality (to determine product quality and the requirements that the product can meet)

4. Sign business contract (sign business contract as required)

5. Ensure after-sales service (from delivery to on-site use - follow up on follow-up issues)

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