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Activated carbon of Zhoushan distillery

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Activated carbon is a very good adsorbent. It has the dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. It can selectively adsorb various substances in the gas phase and liquid phase, so as to achieve the purposes of decolorization and purification, disinfection and deodorization, decontamination and purification. It can be used to treat liquor with good results.


Powdered activated carbon is made of high-quality sawdust and refined by special production process. There are two kinds of chemical and physical methods. After being activated by steam, it is refined and crushed. This product is suitable for decolorization, impurity removal and refinement of medicine, food additive, monosodium glutamate, chemical industry, beverage and other products, and is suitable for water purification.

Powdered activated carbon is mainly used in various industries, such as refined sugar decolorization, monosodium glutamate industry, glucose industry, starch sugar industry, chemical additives, dye intermediates, food additives, pharmaceutical preparations and other high pigment solutions.

Powdered activated carbon is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, fine chemical industry, such as raw material drug decolorization, oral medicine, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, chemical raw materials, biopharmaceutical, biochemical technology, decolorization, purification and purification of various injection preparations. It can also be used for decolorization, impurity removal and odor removal of fine chemical products. It is mainly used for decolorizing, refining and removing "heat source" of various injection reagents. It can also be used for decolorization of vitamin C and other raw materials. It has strong decolorizing power and fast filtration speed. It is suitable for decolorizing and refining medicine, pesticide, Chinese and Western technical medicines. It can absorb intestinal bacteria and detoxify.


Selection of activated carbon in distillery

In the low alcohol liquor, the basic requirements for the selection of activated carbon are as follows: less loss of various flavor components in the treated liquor; removal of excess fatty acid esters on the premise of maintaining the flavor of the original liquor, and no turbidity after degree reduction. As a product, activated carbon also has corresponding quality standard requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to select the activated carbon to treat low alcohol liquor. First of all, the appearance of activated carbon should be identified. The color of high-performance activated carbon is pure black, and the particles are uniform. This kind of activated carbon has high decolorization and deodorization capacity, and has strong adsorption capacity. Secondly, its model should be selected. According to the determination, the molecular diameter of ethyl caproate is 1.4nm. If the activated carbon with pore size of 1.4-2.0nm is selected, ethyl caproate will enter the micropores and be absorbed, which will damage the flavor of liquor. If the activated carbon with pore diameter less than 1.4nm is selected, ethyl caproate can not enter into the micropore, so it will not lose ethyl caproate. However, due to the small pore size of the activated carbon, the adsorption of higher fatty acid ethyl ester and higher fatty acid alcohol with large ionic radius can not be achieved. Only when the activated carbon with pore diameter larger than 20. Nm is selected, the carbon will not adsorb ethyl caproate, so as to meet the requirements of production process, remove turbidity and ensure quality. In addition, it should be noted that activated carbon with more micropores tends to adsorb small molecules, while activated carbon with more macropores tends to adsorb larger molecules. Therefore, in order to remove the higher fatty acid esters, we should choose the activated carbon with large pores.


The function of activated carbon in distillery

1. Removing turbidity and reducing solids in liquor

  In the production of low alcohol liquor, due to the reduction of alcohol content, the solubility of higher fatty acid ethyl ester and higher fatty alcohol in liquor is reduced, which makes the liquor present milky turbidity. The precipitation in low alcohol liquor is removed and the flavor of the original liquor is maintained. The loss of ethyl caproate in liquor is the key index affecting liquor flavor. Wood activated carbon with pore size of 2.0 can absorb sediment and make micropores become caproic acid The channel of ethyl ester will not adsorb ethyl hexanoate, which can maintain the flavor of Luzhou flavor liquor.

2. Remove the peculiar smell and improve the taste

  Activated carbon mainly adsorbs fusel oil, furfural, dimethyl sulfur and other organic substances and aldehydes that produce peculiar smell and odor in wine. It also uses wood activated carbon pore size and treatment time to adsorb macromolecular fatty acid ethyl ester in wine, and accelerate the combination of water and ethanol molecules, so as to prevent the alcohol from precipitating acid ethyl ester at low temperature, accelerate aging, improve liquor quality, and remove alcohol in alcohol Odor substances, improve the taste.

3. Wine aging

  Activated carbon has a strong specific surface area, and there are many oxygen-containing functional groups and various trace metals and metal ions on its surface. When activated carbon is put into wine water, oxygen-containing functional groups will fully contact with wine, adsorb some odorous substances, accelerate the oxidation of ethanol - acetaldehyde into acetic acid, acetic acid and catalyze alcohol and acetic acid to produce ethyl acetate and higher fatty acid ester And other condensation reactions, it can be seen that the use of wood-based activated carbon in a short period of time to complete the natural aging of new wine can be completed in the long-term oxidation, condensation, and other functions.

Service process

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3. Consultation on product quality (to determine product quality and the requirements that the product can meet)

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5. Ensure after-sales service (from delivery to on-site use - follow up on follow-up issues)

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