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Activated carbon for air purification in Zhoushan

    Focus on refining experience, create quality products with ingenuity! From afar [Zhoushan air purification activated carbon] customer, Hello! Today is October 10, 2000 Completed, you are the 24156th guest to visit Pengxing activated carbon enterprise! Pengxing activated carbon plant has been committed to air purification, water purification technology research and development and product building, has accumulated to provide a large number of customers with good quality [Zhoushan air purification activated carbon] products!

Zhoushan air purification activated carbon has developed pores, which is used for the purification of chemical raw material gas, chemical synthesis gas, pharmaceutical industry gas, beverage carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen chloride, inert gas and so on, as well as the purification of atomic facilities, as well as the removal of air pollutants and the classification and purification of mixed gases.


Columnar activated carbon is mainly used for air purification, toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, paint mist adsorption and so on. It is widely used for gas separation and recovery in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, coking industry and environmental protection industry, as well as the purification and treatment of SO2, octane, ethylamine, cyclohexane, methyl ether, hydrogen olfactory, sulfur dioxide, carbon disulfide, nitrogen oxide and other industrial harmful gases.

  Coal based columnar activated carbon is widely used in water treatment industry, such as tap water, industrial water, sewage treatment, purified water, beverage, food, medical water, etc., industrial waste gas, spray painting, paint baking, toxic gas filtration purification treatment, columnar carbon can effectively remove impurities, odor, adsorption, oil and gas and other harmful gases, in the industry can be decolorized, purified, air purification, in the maintenance Fish can also be filtered, can be used as catalyst and catalyst carrier. This product can effectively remove the odor and odor carried by new house decoration, car, furniture, second-hand smoke, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, etc., and purify the air. The product is simple and convenient to use. It is a good helper for air purification in home environment.

Coal based columnar activated carbon is widely used in liquid-phase adsorption, gas-phase adsorption, mainly used in chemical industry, dye industry, medicine industry, food industry, environmental protection industry, electroplating industry and other fields. It is especially suitable for refined gasoline, solvent gasoline, lubricating oil, mineral wax, ammonia water for refrigeration and aromatics in petrochemical industry. Inorganic chemical industry such as phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, alum, carbonate, hydrogen peroxide treatment, metallurgical industry such as gold, silver, nickel, cobalt, palladium, uranium, food industry such as rapeseed oil, palm oil, sweeteners, food additives, other industries such as dye intermediates, dye washing solution decolorization, environmental protection industry such as living industry treatment, industrial tail gas purification, and electroplating industry decolorization and de differentiation Taste and refinement. Coal based columnar activated carbon can be used to purify urban drinking water, remove residual chlorine and deodorization; it is also a purification material in the production process of high-purity water and artificial mineral water; large-scale boiler feed water pre removal of harmful impurities such as cod can improve boiler efficiency and prolong boiler life; columnar activated carbon can effectively remove toxic substances such as cod, pigment, odor and so on. Large granular activated carbon can be used to fill filter and purify air.

Application of activated carbon:
·Tap water, industrial water, electroplating wastewater, purified water, beverage, food, pharmaceutical water purification and electronic ultra pure water preparation.
·Decolorization, purification and purification of sucrose, xylose, monosodium glutamate, drugs, citric acid, chemical products and food additives
·Decolorization, impurity removal and taste removal of oil, oil, gasoline and diesel oil, purification, deodorization and impurity removal of liquor and beverage
·Purification, purification, decolorization and filtration of fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical process products.
·Purification, decolorization, deodorization and COD reduction of wastewater from environmental protection engineering and domestic wastewater
Adsorption and recovery of organic solvents such as oil gas and CS2.
·Cigarette filter, decoration and odor removal, indoor air purification (etc.), industrial gas purification (such as CO2, N2, etc.)
·Petrochemical industry production, natural gas purification, desulfurization, deodorization, waste gas treatment
·Air purification and deodorization in biochemistry, paint industry, underground places, leather factories and animal breeding places.
·The formation of dioxin is reduced by the adsorption of odor and sulfide in flue gas and the removal of steam.
High performance catalysts, such as Pt, Pt, Pt, Pd Catalysts for carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon, carbon.



1、 Five advantages 03 professional, efficient and high quality service

Technical personnel, professional service process

·Professional "Application Technology Department", to provide efficient pre-sale and after-sales service.

·Customized product scheme, saving cost.

·High market share, sufficient spare parts, can deal with emergency orders.


3. Professional technology system

——According to your needs to recommend the right products

With rich field experience, we are committed to air purification, tap water purification, chemical purification and food decolorization refining for many years.

According to the customer's on-site needs and work experience to help customers choose the right products

The needs of our customers is the direction of our efforts, because we believe, so professional

4. The effect is good when the customer makes a comment

——The product is highly praised

Only make qualified products - do not accept, manufacture and release defective products

With excellent product quality, it has won high praise from customers all over the country, and won the trust and affirmation of the majority of users

5. High quality of service

——Fast transportation, good after-sales

The company has set up a transportation department to serve customers all over the country, realize the same day signing and delivery, and cooperate with direct logistics

No matter what kind of problems customers encounter, our after-sales staff follow-up and solve the whole process

2、 Service process

1. Clear selection requirements (first determine the product specifications and quantity required by your own unit)

2. Select products according to their own needs

3. Consultation on product quality (to determine product quality and the requirements that the product can meet)

4. Sign business contract (sign business contract as required)

5. Ensure after-sales service (from delivery to on-site use - follow up on follow-up issues)

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