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Activated carbon in Zhoushan Waterworks

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The activated carbon of Zhoushan waterworks mostly uses charcoal and sawdust as raw materials, which is carbonized, steam activated at high temperature and refined in multiple processes. It has the characteristics of large specific surface area, strong adsorption performance, less impurity ions and good filtration effect. It is mainly used in water purification and water treatment of Waterworks, and can also be used for decolorization and purification of food, wine and beverage.


Due to the poor water quality of some surface water sources and the improvement of drinking water quality requirements, on the basis of conventional water treatment, the treatment processes of waterworks are developing to advanced treatment. Activated carbon is applied to the advanced treatment of tap water because of its strong adsorption performance. Many water plants in many countries have adopted this process.

Before 1960s, ozonation was regarded as a disinfection method corresponding to chlorination. Later, it was found that chlorine and organic matter in water would form trichloromethane. However, studies have shown that when ozonation is used, mutagens and carcinogens harmful to human body will be produced when ozone is insufficient. Ozone technology is widely used in the world, especially in France. There are two places to add ozone: one is after the filter, which is mainly used as disinfectant; the other is to add ozone once in raw water, and then add it again after ordinary filter and before activated carbon filter. The first dosing is used as disinfectant, and the second dosing acts as biological activated carbon.

Some Waterworks in China have begun to use biological activated carbon process, which combines ozone with activated carbon filter. The practice shows that it has the following functions: it can remove dissolved organic matter in water; it can reduce UV absorption value, and reduce total organic carbon (TOC) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in water, The results showed that the content of COD and chlorine could reduce the precursor of trihalomethane in influent water, remove chroma, iron, manganese and phenol, and make the water with positive mutagenicity test (Ames) negative.

 Advanced treatment of activated carbon in Waterworks

Obviously, the biological activated carbon method is an effective advanced treatment method in the removal of organic matters in water, but its application is limited due to its large power consumption and other shortcomings.

Activated carbon has been used to remove odorous substances for a long time, and often becomes a more effective treatment method. In 1978, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggested that granular activated carbon should be used in water treatment systems of all cities in the United States when the water supply population is more than 75000. In order to protect drinking water from benzene, toluene, chloroform and other organic pollutants, the US Environmental Protection Commission has invested 1.5 million US dollars to build two activated carbon adsorption devices. Each adsorption tower is filled with 9 tons of granular activated carbon at a time, which can process 1 million gallons (3.78541 × 10) of drinking water per day six L)。

   Powdered activated carbon can be added in the following ways: it can be added before sedimentation or later before entering the fast filter, both of which must ensure that the activated carbon has sufficient contact time; it can also be added by two or more feeding points; or the fluidized bed device can be used. In larger plants, activated carbon can be added by dust control dry feeding system or carbon slurry added with water. The dosage is controlled between 5 ~ 50mg / L.


The use of powdered activated carbon is usually one-off. Although it is cheap, if the consumption is large, economic benefits and environmental protection should be considered, and it is also necessary to recycle. For example, there is an oxidation process that can successfully regenerate the paste of activated sludge / powdered activated carbon.

The use of granular activated carbon is increasing day by day, and its regeneration loss is less than 5%. However, there are also low strength and cheap granular carbon, and the used waste carbon may be reprocessed into powdered carbon. The advantages of the process are that the activated carbon and the activated carbon are not only removed, but also the activated carbon is removed by the process.

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