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Activated carbon for liquor

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Activated carbon for liquor
Activated carbon for liquor is made from natural wood by screening, grading, carbonization and activation. This series of products have strong specific surface area and appropriate pore structure. A special active group is formed on the surface of carbon. It is widely used in the post-treatment of wine production. It can remove the sediment (turbidity of low alcohol liquor, pectin, protein, yeast, etc.) from wine and beer, improve liquor quality, accelerate wine aging, and remove peculiar smell and bitterness in wine effect.
Product model and function introduction
Powdered carbon (* improving liquor quality)
major function
Low alcohol liquor remove turbidity, accelerate ripening and aging
High alcohol and alcohol removal
Prevention of turbidity and foreign flavor of low alcohol liquor with high ester content at low temperature
Remove molasses alcohol odor
Treatment of pure alcohol in liquor preparation
Granular carbon Make your wine mellow and fragrant
basic function
Scope of application
Carbon particles
It is used for deodorization and impurity removal of alcohol and preparation of low alcohol liquor
Treatment of medium and low grade liquor
*Treatment of wine
Activated carbon molecular sieve
major function
It can eliminate the foreign flavor of high, medium and low alcohol liquor, and make the new wine soft, mellow and old. It has good deodorization and impurity removal function for alcohol.
major function
After purification, the new flavor of the liquor disappeared, the hot and evil flavor decreased significantly, and the liquor body was soft, clean and crisp. After purification, the high-level liquor could be pulped at will to reduce the degree of alcohol, and no longer turbid at low temperature.

Note: customers have special requirements for product quality, which can be discussed when ordering.
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