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A new year has come! Enter Tancheng coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers Pengxing water purification website feel full of blessings!

A new year has come! Enter Tancheng coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers Pengxing water purification website feel full of blessings!

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(February) Pengshui East Technology Festival

February of the solar calendar is generally the traditional Chinese lunar month. In China, the other names of lunar January are: mengchun, the first month, Duanyue, Yuanyue, Xinzheng, kaisui, Jiayue, ruiyue, Zou, mengzou, Liuyue, Chuyue, etc. the sources and meanings of these nicknames are as follows: Duanyue refers to the first month of the lunar calendar, and the beginning of the year is "Zheng". Later, Qin Shihuang ascended the throne. Because the first month of Qin Shihuang was born in the state of Zhao, he was named "Zhao Zheng (Zhao Zheng)". In historical records, Suo Yin made a note on "Duanyue" in the moon table between Qin and Chu, saying that "the first month" was changed to "Duanyue" because of avoiding the taboo of the first emperor. "Yuan" means "beginning". January is the first month of the year, so the first month in the Gregorian calendar is called the first month. In ancient China, new year's day and new year's day both refer to the first day of the first month. ... learn more about the festival knowledge in February, and enter the tan Cheng coconut shell activated carbon product supplier Pengxing water purification website!

    February 2: World Wetlands Day

Wetland is a high value ecosystem in the world. According to the authoritative research data of the United Nations Environment Program in 2002, the annual value of a hectare wetland ecosystem is as high as 14000 US dollars, which is 7 times of that of tropical rainforest and 160 times of that of farmland ecosystem.

China's natural wetland area accounts for 3.77% of the total land area, which is far below the world average level, and has been threatened by rapid population expansion and rapid economic development for a long time. However, 96% of the available fresh water resources in China are preserved in all kinds of wetlands. Pengxing water purification Tancheng coconut shell activated carbon high-quality products manufacturers remind customers in the field of air purification: a good environment can lead a good life, protect national wetlands, pay attention to environmental protection, green mountains and green water is the golden mountain and silver mountain!


February 7: Beijing Wuhan railway strike Memorial Day (1923)

February 8: Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month

In ancient Chinese customs, Shangyuan Festival (Tianguan Festival), Zhongyuan Festival (diguan Festival, Yulan basin Festival), and Xiayuan Festival (Shuiguan Festival) are collectively called Sanyuan.

Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, as early as 2000 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty. It is said that it was set up in memory of "Pinglu" in the reign of Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty. After the death of emperor Hui of Han Dynasty, empress Lu usurped power and the clan of Lu controlled the government. After the death of empress Lu, Zhou Bo and Chen Ping established Liu Heng as Emperor Wen of Han Dynasty. Since the 15th of the first month was the day when Zhulu was pacified, the emperor of Han Dynasty went out of the palace in humble clothes to celebrate with the people, and designated the 15th day of the first month as the Lantern Festival.

    January 15, the Lantern Festival in the pot, happy family, happy day, sweet love, Tancheng coconut shell activated carbon quality products manufacturer - Pengxing water purification wish to purify the air of the new and old friends: a family happy and reunion, career round, academic circle, dream round, year round reunion!

February 10: International Meteorological Festival (1991)

February 14: Western Valentine's Day

     Valentine's day, also known as St. Valentine's day or St. Valentine's day, is one of the western traditional festivals. In China, one of the traditional festivals, Qixi Festival, is also a day that girls attach importance to, so it is called Chinese Valentine's day. Because it can express the common human feelings, many countries have explored their own "Valentine's Day". Tancheng coconut shell activated carbon quality product provider - Pengxing water, wish the world lovers get married!


February 15: China's 1.2 billion population day (1995)

February 19: Anniversary of Deng Xiaoping's death (1997)


February 21: anti colonial day (1949)

February 21: International mother tongue day (2000)

February 24: Third World Youth Day

February 28: world living conditions survey day (2003)


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