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How to understand the * problems in the application of activated carbon

How to understand the * problems in the application of activated carbon

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How to understand the * problems in the application of activated carbon?

It is generally believed that there is no * problem in the application of activated carbon, but there is no complete * in practice. The * in the application of activated carbon should not be taken lightly, and the nature and possibility of no * of activated carbon should be understood.

A. about fire

(1) activated carbon is not classified as dangerous category, but combustible. After the fire, there will be no flame combustion, only smoldering.

(2) the activated carbon will not self ignite and may ignite in the air. When it is mixed with gasoline, diesel oil, grease and paint thinner, it can cause combustion.

(3) when activated carbon burns, if ventilation is insufficient, toxic carbon monoxide will be generated.

(4) activated carbon is a strong reducing agent, which reacts violently with oxidants such as bromate, nitrate, chlorate, nitric acid, potassium permanganate, sodium hypochlorite and peroxide.

(5) dust explosion may occur when activated carbon, especially powdered activated carbon, is mixed with air.

(6) the dry activated carbon can generate static electricity due to whirling, pneumatic transmission and perfusion.

(7) some wet activated carbon contacts with metal directly, which will form galvanic corrosion.

(8) activated carbon is a conductive body, and carbon powder should not be accumulated on the bare wire.

(9) in case of fire, it is better to put the smoldering activated carbon into a metal container, or put it out with water mist or foam fire extinguisher or carbon dioxide fire extinguisher; do not use strong water column to spray, so as to avoid spreading the burning area of activated carbon, and use carbon monoxide proof mask.

B. about storage

(1) the activated carbon should be stored in the fire-proof building as far as possible.

(2) the powdered activated carbon in bags should be stacked in rows, and there should be a corridor between each row, which should be moved out when there is a fire.

(3) dust isolation electrical device and closed switch shall be used at the storage place.

No open fire, sparks and smoking are allowed in the storage area.

(5) activated carbon should not be mixed with oxidant.

(6) the activated carbon leaked on the ground shall be swept into the container with cover in time, and it is better to wet it first to avoid dust.

(7) in the activated carbon warehouse or closed large container, the oxygen in the air is often reduced to the extent that it hinders the normal breathing of human body due to the adsorption of activated carbon. It is better to wear self-contained air mask for operation.

C. about use

(1) activated carbon should be selected. Activated carbon containing impurities that can catalyze decomposition or polymerization of adsorbates, such as metal salts, will accelerate the decomposition of halocarbons and ketones. The products are corrosive and the decomposition reaction is heating, which will lead to local overheating and fire.

Secondly, we should learn from the historical lesson that the activated carbon containing impurities which accelerate the decomposition of ketones is used to recover ketones and cause fire.

(3) attention should be paid to the use of activated carbon with high sulfur content, which will cause corrosion by sulfur dioxide generated under oxidation carrier gas flow.

The secondary equipment should be careful to prevent reaction with activated carbon.

(5) the possibility of corrosion and heating caused by decomposition and polymerization of activated carbon during adsorption or desorption should be predicted.

(6) according to different applications, the corresponding type of activated carbon should be selected through understanding or testing from the carbon plant.

(7) when powdered activated carbon is selected, the activated carbon is often added with water or a special feeder without dust is used.



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