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How to choose activated carbon catalyst?

How to choose activated carbon catalyst?

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How to choose activated carbon catalyst?

Whether activated carbon itself is used as catalyst or catalyst with activated carbon as support should not only play a catalytic role, but also be further understood through analysis and test

Conversion of catalytic reaction. That is, under certain conditions, the amount of target product produced by unit catalyst in unit time.

Selectivity in catalytic reactions. It refers to the relative speed of two or more competitive reactions of the catalyst, i.e. the ratio of the amount of the target product to the amount of the converted reactant. If the selectivity is lower, the problems of product separation, purification, by-product treatment and environmental pollution will increase.

Service life of catalyst. The catalyst should not be consumed in the reaction. In fact, through repeated use, the catalytic activity will be reduced, which not only reduces the conversion, but also affects the selectivity, so it is necessary to replace the catalyst.

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