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How to evaluate the adsorption capacity of activated carbon?

How to evaluate the adsorption capacity of activated carbon?

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How to evaluate the adsorption capacity of activated carbon?

Activated carbon adsorption can be divided into liquid phase adsorption and gas phase adsorption. Liquid phase adsorption capacity is usually evaluated by adsorption isotherm, and gas phase adsorption capacity is evaluated by solvent vapor adsorption capacity.

The adsorption isotherm represents the relationship between the partial pressure or concentration of adsorbed material and the adsorption capacity at a certain temperature. That is, when the temperature remains constant, the relationship between the equilibrium adsorption amount and the partial pressure or concentration can be measured. With the residual concentration as the horizontal axis and the adsorption capacity per unit weight of activated carbon as the vertical axis, the relationship curve can be drawn.

Similarly, when the partial pressure or concentration remains unchanged, the relationship between equilibrium adsorption capacity and temperature can be measured, and the relationship curve, namely adsorption isobaric curve, can be drawn.

When the equilibrium adsorption capacity remains unchanged, the relationship between partial pressure or concentration can be measured and the relationship curve, i.e. adsorption isotherm, can be drawn.

Because a small amount of adsorption is carried out under isothermal condition in industrial plant, the adsorption isotherm is more important and commonly used.

For example, the determination of iodine adsorption value includes saturated adsorption method (gb7702.7-87gb / t12496.8-1999) and adsorption isotherm method (gb7702.7-1997). In this method, the granular activated carbon sample is ground to the extent that it can pass through the 0.071 mm sieve. After the dry quantitative sample is weighed and fully vibrated with the iodine solution, the residual iodine content in the solution is determined by titration method, and the milligram number of iodine adsorbed per gram of sample is calculated. Three isotherm adsorption points were determined, and the adsorption isotherms were drawn. The amount of iodine adsorbed per gram of sample with residual iodine concentration C = 0.02mol/l was taken.

  The adsorption capacity of solvent vapor indicates the gas-phase adsorption performance. The proportion of carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate of granular activated carbon can be measured (GB / t7702.13-1997). Under the specified test conditions, that is, the specified carbon layer height, gas flow specific velocity, adsorption temperature, measurement tube cross-section area and carbon tetrachloride vapor concentration, the mixed air flow with a certain carbon tetrachloride vapor concentration can be continuously passed through When the adsorption saturation of activated carbon is reached, the percentage of the mass of carbon tetrachloride adsorbed on the activated carbon sample to the mass of the sample is taken as the adsorption rate of carbon tetrachloride.

In the application of activated carbon, attention should be paid to the relevant indexes listed in the commercial activated carbon, such as methylene blue adsorption value, iodine adsorption value, caramel decolorization rate, quinine sulfate adsorption value, phenol adsorption value or carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate. It is also necessary to refer to the data of adsorption capacity in the literature, and better use the actual proposed activated carbon, operating conditions, and specific treatment substances for evaluation and testing.


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