Gongyi Pengxing water purification materials Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of activated carbon, with more than 20 years of production history, advanced production technology and perfect detection means, strong technical force and scientific management. Our main products are Pengxing Activated carbon : activated carbon filter media, columnar activated carbon Coconut shell activated carbon Fruit shell Activated carbon , gold only Activated carbon , powdery Activated carbon And quartz sand, anthracite and other filter materials!  

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Address: CheYuan Industrial Zone, Xicun Town, Gongyi City
Office in Gong: No.4, tongben Road, Gongyi City
Tel: 0371-66480668
Chuan Zhen: 03607171
Active carbon expert consultation telephone: 13603990322 (manager BAI)
After sales hotline: 1565999


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